One-Punch Man takes the fight into Fallout 4’s Wasteland


Hands down my favorite anime series this season is One-Punch Man. It’s a pretty hilarious take on superheroes genre centered around one hero Saitama, who doesn’t have your average superhero look. Instead everyone looks down on him, and everyone else gets all the credits for his accomplishments which include taking out 100+ foot monsters, taking out an asteroid set to destroy a city and taking out a dangerous underground organization by himself, all with one punch.

Saitama is a great character, simple but great who gained all his powers by training for three years and can defeat any enemy with just one punch, causing him to feel sad that no one can keep up with him.

One Youtuber known as The Ghost added a great video placing Saitama in Fallout 4 where he goes into battle armed only with his powerful fists and can take down his enemies with a single punch and included some exploding action similar to the series. It’s a great watch if you’ve seen One-Punch Man, if not you can watch the series on Daisuki or Hulu.

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