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Tis’ the season to be giving. The holiday season is here, and what it gave me was a great film, Creed. It reminds me of what truly made Rocky great, and how special it really was. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate the story of the first Rocky film. As I grew older, I have come to realize that the Rocky franchise are more than just a boxing film; it’s an underdog story that is relatable to every person in the world.

After recently watching Creed, I have conducted a ‘Favorite’s List’ on why I’m so thankful for this new installment to the franchise (this list is not in any specific order).

1. The Soundtrack

The soundtrack in this film is just superb. Ludwig Göransson is the composer behind this urban-contemporary music, and he is outstanding. The pacing in each scene that had music in it was very memorable. When Rocky gave his famous speeches the music would immediately hit, and it was just as good as Bill Conti’s renditions in the earlier Rocky films. Conti’s composition’s seemed almost untouchable especially during his golden years with the Rocky films; however, Ludwig music was very reminiscent to Conti’s, but he added his own urban flare, and it left me an emotional wreck. When I got out of the theaters I was motivated to work out while slowly wiping away my tears.

2. Adonis and Bianca

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Adonis and Bianca’s storyline seems unfair to be compared to Rocky and Adrian’s, however, it was just as good if not better. I won’t compare it to all the films but since this film is reminiscent to the first Rocky film, I will say that Bianca is a wonderful character. Her hip-hop style and street-smarts really kept Adonis humble. Tessa Thompson does a great job playing Bianca, and her personality seemed very authentic to the film. Meanwhile, Adonis was a great character as well. His determination to be a fighter and to discover himself was just beautiful to watch. When paired up, these two made for a great love story that I would watch every holiday season.

3. The Tributes

What really made Creed an outstanding film was all the homages to previous Rocky films. I never got lost in the shadow, and that’s a good thing considering this film was all about getting out of the shadow of someone else’s name. In an early part of the film, there was a scene where Adonis watched an old fight between Rocky and his father, Apollo. Then there were many quotes and references in the film that were similar, or directly used in previous films. In Adonis’s final fight, there was a quote that was very reminiscent to what Mickey said to Rocky in previous installments. Watching Creed for the first time made me forget about all the other crappier Rocky titles in the franchise, but because of these tributes in this film, it reminded me of why I loved it in the first place. This was truly a passing of the torch that was perfect in every single way.

Which Creed moments were your favorite? Give us your list on the comments below.


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