Harrison Ford and Chewbacca work things out on Jimmy Kimmel


After feuding over the years on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Harrison Ford and Chewbacca have finally worked it out… and to an Adele song.

In the skit, a suicidal Chewbacca was on the roof of the Jimmy Kimmel show. Jimmy tried to talk Chewbacca out of jumping, but couldn’t understand a word he was saying. That’s when Harrison Ford stepped in and egged Chewbacca on to jump. Their “feud” had something to do with Harrison Ford’s “wife” (or ex-wife)  – “She was my wife!”

After Jimmy told Harrison to think about the good times, Harrison flashbacked to the good times to the sound of Adele’s Hello. He then ran up the roof where the two finally made up. Just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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