Sega set to remake Valkyria Chronicles for PS4 and release new game in the series


Early next year, Sega of Japan will be releasing a remastered of Valkyria Chronicles (known in Japan as Senjō no Varukyuria) for the PlayStation 4 which includes enhanced graphics, trophy support and all of the released DLC. Valkyria Chronicles first debuted in 2008 worldwide on the PlayStation 3 and was very well received for its innovative gameplay. It introduced a new way to enjoy the tactical role-playing experience mixed with that of a third-person shooter. Most of all it had a unique art style. Sega would later release two sequels for the PlayStation Portable; however, the third game, which was released in Japan in 2011, wouldn’t see a release outside of Japan.

While the series has been quiet since 2011, last year Sega ported Valkyria Chronicles to Steam where it quickly reached the top of Steam’s sales charts and has sold over 500,000 digital copies.

Sega will also release a new entry into the series called Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which will retain the familiar art style fans have enjoyed from the series and an improved real-time battle system with new elements fans can look forward to. Azure Revolution is developed by Media.Vision, the team that worked on the Wild Arms video game series, Sony’s Chaos Rings series and most recently Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

So far there hasn’t been any information about a release outside of Japan, but I for one can hope to see this release in the West.

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