John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez new film to be released in… 2115!

Hey, would you like to see a unique film by horror/fantasy/sci-fi director Robert Rodriguez starring the great John Malkovich that has three teaser trailers, each of which imagines a different vision of the future? Well…you can’t. Even if you plan to live another hundred years, you won’t be able to see the movie, aptly titled 100 Years, until its release in 2115.

This might require some explaining. The two stars have teamed up to promote Louis XIII Cognac, a luxury liquor that is aged 100 years. They’re using the film as a piece of art that speaks to the commitment to quality used by the makers of the fine liquor. To ensure the film isn’t seen by anyone until November 18, 2115, the film is being placed in a special time-locked safe that won’t open until that date.

“Louis XIII is a true testament to the mastery of time and we sought to create a proactive piece of art that explores the dynamic relationship of the past, present and future,” said global executive director of Louis XIII, Ludovic du Plessis, in a news release.

Malkovich, who du Plessis calls the “the greatest actor of his generation,” was approached to come up with an idea for the film, although it hasn’t been disclosed. According to Rodriguez, apparently it’s set in the present, despite the teasers, and is ’emotionally charged’.

Regarding said teasers, it’s important to note that none of them are the actual film. They were created to show what it might look like when someone uncovers the film 100 years from now. Malkovich conducted lots of research on futurism, science fiction and even visions of today from 100 year ago to make to teasers. The real movie will live at the House of Louis XIII in Cognac, France.

Sadly, barring any unforeseen medical advancement, virtually no one living today will have the opportunity to see the finished product. However, the team at Louis XIII are sending out metal movie tickets to about 1,000 influential people, which will allow them to invite their descendants to a screening exactly one century from today. So…good for them…I guess.

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