J.J. Abrams promises Star Wars: The Force Awaken won’t be dominated by lens flares


During a “Celebrity Nerd Off” at the Montclair Film Festival, J.J. Abrams joined now late-night host Stephen Colbert for a conversation about Abram’s career. The two hit it off pretty well with Colbert interviewing Abrams about his part and present. Hollywood Reporter has a post about it and it’s a fascinating article about how Abrams has been feeling working on The Force Awakens for the past 3 years, calling it like “living with the greatest roommate in history for too long.”

The detail that struck out the most to me is the way people have attached the lens flare as a JJ Abrams signature movie with some calling it “excessive.” It was bad that even his wife complained there were too many.

“As you’ll see in the Star Wars movie, I’ve allowed lens flares to take a very back seat,” he said. “There are a couple [moments] where you have to have them.”

Thankfully, Abrams claims that The Force Awakens won’t feature as many lens flaresWe’ll find out when the movie drops in December of this year. May the Force be with you all.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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