Idris Elba conducts the battlefield in new Rainbow Six Siege live-action commercial


It’s been 7 years since fans have seen a Rainbow Six game, with the last time being 2008’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Now it’s down to only a couple weeks away and Ubisoft has decided to give us something special. In a brand new live-action trailer starring Idris Elba (who is channeling his inner Luther), they’ve announced that there will be another beta for Rainbow Six Siege. Instead of a closed beta, this time it will be an open beta and available to everyone, and will run from November 25th til November 29th.

Going back to the trailer, it’s actually pretty awesome. The tactical insanity that ensues throughout is fairly accurate to how the game plays. I can attest to that having played the closed beta a few months ago. From the coordination as a team to the explosively destructive environments, it encompasses everything that embodies the soul of a Tom Clancy game.

Rainbow Six Siege hits store shelves on December 1st, and will be available for Xbox, PS4 and PC. As for the open beta itself, there will be 19 operatives available, 3 maps (2 of which are new compared to the closed beta), and 3 game modes (bomb, secure area and terrohunt).

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