Astronaut Scott Kelly causes UFO controversy

ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly // Southern India

We all know who Scott Kelly is. Well, we should know! Astronaut Kelly has spent more time in space than on Earth, it seems. Thanks to social media, we are able to keep up with his work on the International Space Station. He always tweets photos from his perspective, posts an occasional vine, and just shows us cool stuff in general.

If you follow him on Twitter, you would know that he often says good night by sharing photos from various areas of Earth at night. Recently, he posted one that showed the beautiful view of Southern India. As breathtaking as it was, it raised a bit of controversy. Let’s take a look at the picture.

Do you see that bright purplish dot in the right upper corner? Well, this little dot has caused social media to question themselves. Could this possibly be a UFO? Alien life and UFO enthusiasts/experts took to Twitter to unleash their minds and talk about what this luminescent could be. Comments, replies, and tweets began to go wild. Even videos have surfaced!

Although NASA has yet to make a comment on this regard, a lot of others who are skeptical on the entire thing have been on it by replying to tweets letting people know that it is not, in fact, a UFO at all. Most are saying that it’s the International Space Station HDEV exterior equipment. Take a look at this photo explanation.

It’s more than likely just that. What do you all think? UFO or a more logical solution like the tweet above?

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