Top 5 reasons the O.C. was the best teen drama of our generation

When the O.C. first aired back in 2003 it took the world by storm. It was an overnight success, but reminiscent to the show’s quick success, the O.C. was short lived. After only 4 seasons, the network pulled the plug. After successful re-airings on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, the O.C. made another comeback but this time it was in a form of a musical. Back in August of 2015, Josh Swartz and an ensemble cast of theatre sensations reformed the O.C. into a live musical parody. It was such a hit the cast were called upon to perform their renditions again in multiple cities. And just last month, the CW Seed released free seasons and episodes of the O.C. in all its glory.

Now it begs the question, is the O.C. in store for a reunion? After binge-watching seasons 1-2 again, I’ve came up with the top 5 reasons why the O.C. was the best teen drama of our generation. It’s time to go back right where we started from…

5. The Drama

There was never a dull moment in the O.C. The small community in itself was a living soap opera. Whether it was Julie Cooper in love affairs with her husbands, or Ryan Atwood in his toxic relationships, what really made the show successful was that there was always something going on. Sometimes it was interesting and sometimes it wasn’t, the O.C. always ‘lived by the sword, die by the sword.’ And who could forget those brows? Sandy Cowen definitely had it going on.

4. The Nerd Power

‘The autograph of the 21st century.’ This phrase was heavily used in the first season where flip phones were in its peak. While being the biggest ambassador of technology and video games, Seth Cohen could have very well been the funniest character on the show. His sarcastic and sometimes awkward humor made the majority of the shows comedic relief. And speaking of comics, Seth was a huge nerd. He owned hundreds of comic books and he could probably recite every D.C. superhero’s age in order of appearance. Eventually Cohen’s nerd powers rub off on Ryan Atwood; He too was a super genius. Being the edgy character that Ryan was, it was ironic but very awesome to see a character be so witty. He took mostly AP classes in the show and would eventually get accepted to U.C. Berkeley; Talk about brain and brawn.

3. The Fights

olive ryan
Being the brawn of show, Ryan was a troubled teenage kid. We all had our moments in high school where we would get bullied, or we would be threaten to be thrown in the trash can; however, Ryan was the one who would stand up for these guys. Ryan got into so many fights in the first season in particular, I felt as if I was there cheering him on in every single one of them. He would get into fights where he had to defend his pseudo-brother Seth the most. It wasn’t because Seth was a helpless nerd (which he was) it was because he was a lover and not a fighter. The best fight in the show was when Ryan had to defend his love for every single girl that he loved.

2. The Love Stories

Who could ever forget your first love in high school? The purest and most innocent of all loves, your high school sweetheart might have been your best and your worst. When it came to Ryan and Marissa, this was definitely the case. It was a rocky start from the beginning to the end. And after Marissa’s death, it was a devastated one. However, when you talk about innocence and purity, Seth and Summer’s relationship could have been the best depiction of this. Even though they had their ups and their downs in the end, their relationship was the only thing that actually worked. Seemingly, their marriage was a great way to end the show, and it was the only one that made sense.

1. Season 1

California, California, it’s right back where we started from. Season 1 was the best season of the bunch. It had everything that made this show an overnight success: The drama, the nerd power, the fights, the love, and the music. Did I forget to mention the musical soundtrack? All of the songs used in this season in particular, still to this day makes up most of my Pandora playlist. Season 1 was definitely the most memorable. It was during the time when soap operas were becoming less popular, and then the O.C. appeared; it was the modern day version of that. It streamlined how every teen drama was supposed to be, and this was right before reality shows took off. The O.C. will always be remembered on how quickly it captivated our hearts and how quickly it left, just like an old flame coming in and out of our lives.

If you guys want to petition for an O.C. reunion drop a question or comment below.

Here is a sample piece of the O.C: The Musical:


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