Star Wars fans should boycott EA’s Battlefront (opinion)

star wars battlefront

Being a long time fan of Star Wars, there is a lot to be excited about. Disney really seems to know what they are doing and the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already began setting sales records. Countless amounts of new merchandise and collectables are available on just about every website you can think of, and the reason is because in the wake of all they movie hype, there is a rat race for fans to buy the latest and greatest Star Wars items so that they can mindlessly post every single thing they buy on social media and make chumps like me feel bad. One such product is the latest entry to a video game franchise that held a very special place in my heart, Star Wars: Battlefront.

In 2012 when LucasArts was absorbed into Disney via the LucasFilm acquisition, it was announced that the game development would no longer be done the same way, and shortly thereafter in 2013, it was announced that EA would be producing the long-awaited Star Wars: Battlefront 3 (oddly enough the very same year that Electronic Arts was named ‘Worst Company’ by a Consumerist reader poll for the second year in a row).

Regardless of EA’s checkered past, I held on to the optimist view that the game would still be amazing, until announcements and leaks were reported of some major features of what made the Battlefront series awesome were being dramatically modified, if not removed completely. The biggest change was the fact that the game was going to be changed from a third-person shooter into a first-person shooter. Fans of the series complained and then in a half-hearted attempt to make amends, EA announced that players would have the option to switch between first person and third person modes. Unfortunately this was only the beginning, as a photo went viral, listing all the different ways that the new EA Battlefront game is a massive step backwards.



It’s incredible to think that ten years have passed since Battlefront II. That is an entire generation of young gamers who have no idea how nerfed the new Battlefront is when compared to what we got in 2005. The most offensive thing to me is EA’s sheer greed in their price structure for the new Battlefront. Now in the modern gaming era where every game dev is already trying to upcharge and extra $30 to sell a “Season Pass”, leave it to EA to charge a whopping $120 for the game with season pass included.

Having played the beta it was obvious that Battlefront is just Battlefield with a fresh coat of Star Wars paint. Yes they did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Star Wars as far as the sights and sounds, but there is no way this game has earned the title of Battlefront. Being disappointed in the beta mixed with the fact that there is no campaign, no space battles, and a ridiculous price tag for those who want to feel like they are buying a complete game caused me to personally boycott this game. Imagine if this game had been released without the Star Wars licensing, remove the John Williams soundtrack, and stormtroopers for one second and assume that this game was just released as Space Battlefield. There is no way in this scenario that the game gets the high praise from the major media outlets that it is receiving today.

EA is 100% capitalizing on this rabid wave of Star Wars pandemonium and nostalgia. As just a dude who loves Star Wars and the Battlefront franchise, I have decided that the best thing for me to sit this one out, and hope that next time it gets better.

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