Gotham: First look at BD Wong as Hugo Strange

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Earlier this month, it was announced that Jurrasic World’s BD Wong had been cast on Gotham as the deranged Arkham Asylum psychologist, Hugo Strange. Wong posted a picture of himself during what appears to be a make-up test for the character. Wong wrote, ” Which one of these men will be Hugo Strange on Gotham? We may not know for sure till the last minute. But I will tell you one thing. This guy is definitely into gas masks and water sports. Be afraid.”


Wong could be hinting at that they haven’t fully committed to a look for the character. Since the show takes place years before Batman donned the cape and cowl, there might be a chance that the younger Hugo Strange we see in the show doesn’t resemble the one in the comics or the video games. It does appear though that they have at least tried the traditional Hugo Strange look. What makes it into the show remains to be seen.

He also revealed in another post that he will have a few scenes with The Penguin.

“I may or may not have been in a room with Robin Lord Taylor at 2AM Saturday morning. It may have been tense and unclear who was in charge. To him.”

According to earlier reports, Strange will be hired this season as the overseer of Arkham Asylum. While he claims his mission is to rehabilitate Gotham’s villains, he harbors a dark secret that could make him the greatest threat to Gotham we’ve seen yet.

It is not sure when Wong will actually join the show, being that there aren’t enough episodes left before the fall finale. My guess is he would play a major role in the second half of the season. How he factors into the story with Jim Gordon and Barbra should also be interesting, given the fact the she is currently locked up in Arkham.

Gotham airs Mondays on Fox. Make sure to check out our podcast review of this week’s episode.

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