Batman’s top 7 sidekicks, do you agree?


Batman might be one of the greatest fictional superheroes of all time, but one thing people tend to forget is that he has always had a lot of help. Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a young age, leaving him an orphan with only Alfred and a few friends to keep him going, and I think because of that, he has had no problem taking in strays and making them some of the greatest sidekicks and leaders of other teams. These people in his life might be some of the only ways that we have seen emotion and humanity out of Bruce Wayne, and they have become some of the most interesting characters in the DC universe.


Dick Grayson (Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Spy)

Dick Grayson is the first Robin and has been part of the Batman mythos since 1940. He is now more well known as Nightwing after splitting off from Batman and became his own hero. Although well respected, him and Bruce have a normal father and son relationship where although they love and respect each other, they sometimes don’t see eye to eye. When Bruce Wayne was presumed dead, Dick took up the mantle of Batman and is seen as the second in command to the Batman family. He is hands down the best ally that Batman has due to the many skills he has, which includes being an acrobat, an expert tactician and martial artist, detective, spy, and expert in high tech gadgets and weapons.


Jason Todd (Robin, Red Hood)

The only Robin to be voted by fans to be killed, Jason Todd had a tragic stoy which was featured in the comics, and in one of the best animated films, Batman: Under the Red Hood. The Joker beats Jason Todd badly, and he eventually dies in an explosion only to come back due to the help of the Lazarus pit. Coming back a bit crazier, Red Hood is one of the anti-heroes ok with taking things a step further than he should. Although Batman may not agree with his ways, he is one of the few people that Batman and his team can call whenever they need him, since he is part of the Batman family.


Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, Oracle)

Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon and a trusted ally of Bruce Wayne. Barbara Gordon appeared in Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke. In this graphic novel, the Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara in an attempt to drive her father insane. This leads her to become Oracle, the computer hacker who helps lead Batman and other teams from behind a computer screen.


Damian Wayne (Robin)

Being the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul means that not only he is a genius, but a very talented assassin. He is also ok with killing, and he reminds us of a mix of Jason Todd and Dick Grayson. He has a very complicated relationship with the other Robins, looking at them like non-deserving older brothers as he is a bit over confident. In the Injustice universe, he accidentally kills Dick Grayson, and takes the mantle of Nightwing, helping Superman’s team fight against his father.


Tim Drake (Robin, Red Robin)

Tim Drake was the 3rd Robin and eventually grew up changing his identity to Red Robin. An interesting thing about him is that he has genius level intellect which makes him a powerful ally to the Batman family. He was also the Robin who took over after the death of Jason Todd which was one of the biggest losses in Bruce Wayne’s history. He was also a main character in the animated show Young Justice and will be a main character in the Teen Titans live DC show. Not only does he have innate leadership abilities and is a genius, he’s a good person who strives to do whats best for his allies even if it jeopardizes his own safety.


Alfred and Ace (Titus)

People know Alfred as just Bruce Wayne’s butler, but he has always been much more than that. He is one of the few people who tells Bruce Wayne when he is in the wrong, and Bruce actually listens too. He also dons a shotgun and has even armored up during the court of owls to help Batman. Alfred was also nominated for the Wizard Fan Award for Favorite Supporting Male Character in 1994. Ace who is seen with Alfred quite a bit has been put in many incarnations. Whether as Damians sidekick or as old Bruce Wayne’s dog in the popular Batman Beyond, Ace the dog has gone to Apokolips to fight beside Bruce Wayne and defended the Batman family multiple times making him a worthy sidekick to Batman.


Stephanie Brown (Robin, Batgirl)

At first she was a Robin, but after Batman fired her, she ended up getting killed, and like in all comics we know that death is only the beginning. We find out that her death was faked, as she comes back older and more mature, impressing Barbara Gordon enough to let her continue to helm the highly respected role as Batgirl. She was also a love interest of Tim Drake, aka the Red Robin. Stephanie Brown is the only person in Batman to be both a Robin and Batgirl.


Runner Up: James Gordon

Commissioner Gordon has always been one of Batman’s strongest allies making sure to cover for him within the police department. He also is really the only person who should be using the infamous bat signal. In fact he is so important to the Batman Mythos that they even made a show about him and Bruce Wayne’s younger years called Gotham. You can learn more about it in the Gotham Podcast.


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