Top 5 Black Friday deals of 2015


Dismantle wallets, yes? It’s that time of year again, where families gather to celebrate the conquest of our ancestors over this country’s true natives. A time to feast upon the bounties of this great land. That time is, of course, Black Friday. We’re here to show you the top 5 deals you could score from retailers in the year 2015. That is if you’re willing to fight the crowds for a chance at one of these sweet snags.

These deals aren’t all from one retailer, and you’ll have to make a choice depending on what you’ve had an eye on this past year. Just remember, stay safe, and camp 3 days ahead of time for the real big ticket stuff. Otherwise, limited availability can mean absolute failure.

5.  Walmart/Best Buy – PS4 Brack Friday Bunduru

This is what we’ve seen as the best deal on a new PS4 from this year’s Black Friday bunch. $299 for a PS4 with Uncharted is quite the ideal entrance into quality Sony entertainment.

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4. Target/Best Buy – XBox One and TV Bundle

Bit of a tossup for this one as both deals are exceptional. If you’re in need of a good gaming TV, Samsung is a great choice with its pedigree of quality over the years. If you just want an Xbox One, then Target’s $60 gift card lets you purchase a game of your own choice. Both options deserve credit.

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3. Walmart – Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U bundles

If you’re in the market for a new Wii U like myself, this is an awesome deal for you. Nintendo rarely lowers prices on consoles, and this awesome bundle includes both Smash and Splatoon which have been two of the most highly-rated games of the Wii U. The 3DS XL bundle also sees a rare price drop to $130, almost the same as a normal 3DS. Just remember this is NOT the “New” version of the console and does not have the extra goodies that come with its updated version.


2. Walmart – HP Black 15.6″ Laptop PC

Note that Amazon only offers the AMD version of this laptop, a Celeron processor will instead take its place for the Intel Version. Not quite a powerful PC but still decent for everyday use and corporate environments. A great laptop for school, work, or just web browsing with its 4gb of RAM and large 500gb HDD. I’ll be picking one up myself to take on travels. If it’s bad, then just give it as a gift.


1. Best Buy – Toshiba 49″ Class (48.5″ Diag.) – LED – 1080p – HDTV – Black

Yet again, Best Buy takes first place with its ridiculous TV deal of the year. I’ve stood in line for the past occurrences of this sale and will remind everyone that these are always EXTREMELY limited. Roughly, you’ll have to be within the first 50 or so people in line to grab a voucher that allows you to purchase this item. This year, I’m betting that number drops down to 30. If you’re dedicated enough to spend a week or so outside the store, then this is the best snag of 2015.


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