Smite Down: Japanese gods


The guys at HiRez have teased fans a little by tweeting about the next god to be revealed.

Now when I read this, I must admit that my excitement level went through the roof. I already love the amount of pantheons in the different cultures that Smite has in it, but there’s just something about an addition of a Japanese god that seems to fit in Smite.

After reading around in old forums pertaining to Smite, it seems like the consensus is all for Japanese gods in the game, with Amaterasu being the most popular among the people. I would love to see a version of Amaterasu in the game, but I think we already have enough sun gods in the game. How about we focus on the fringe Japanese gods, like Kuebiko, god of knowledge and agriculture.

Of course HiRez had to be very cryptic with the news, stating that we’ll learn more during regionals, but soon after that, they tweeted out something that just confused fans, or at least me.

With the clearly anime-inspired Thor, could this be the “Japanese” pantheon HiRez spoke of? Could all this be one big troll? I’m hoping it’s not, and we see the roster expand to different cultures, of course starting with Japan. If not, the brand new Thor skin looks to be a fan favorite even you don’t play Thor. He changes into a mech suit when he uses his ultimate and even stays in it for a time after.

All will come to light during SPL.

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