Hearthstone: League of Explorers ‘Temple of Osiris’ review

So a week has nearly passed and our search for the “Staff of Origination” has stepped into its second phase. Having a full week to try a few of these new cards in decks currently topping ladders, I’m sad to say that so far apart from one card, the rest have been somewhat disappointing. It’s important to take some time and test these in both a ladder and arena setting to see which amazing addition may have slipped through the cracks similar to “Mysterious Challenger”. Let’s take a look at what new cards are available to us once you’ve fully completed this first wing, class cards included.

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  • Jeweled Scarab – The Beast tag may give this card some synergy with Hunter decks for the potential Websipnner 1, Scarab 2, Scarab Battlecry 3 turn tempo grab, but the fact remains within the RNG itself, meaning you may not get anything worth playing on turn 3, while most hunter turn 3 cards are somewhat exceptional. The tempo loss with a turn 1 and 2 1/1 Minion play is sometimes difficult to come back from. Aside from that, it’s a great card in Paladin or Shaman, as they benefit the most from their turn 3 cards for board control but is only worth playing in arena for the most part. As an arena card, it’s just a method to keep up tempo, which will often net you a win against decks that just draw poorly.
  • Ancient Shade – A strange card that could see some play in a very limited set of decks. Too many cards exist that currently deal 4 direct damage, especially in arena. This card won’t see much play in arena due to its low health while some deck built around the mechanic does seem viable for constructed play.
  • Anubisath Sentinel – A poor turn 5 when so many better cards exist such as Beltcher, Loatheb, Quartermaster, Harrison, (Coin) Emperor, etc… Its low stats, including health, will again make this card see very little play outside of arena. If your argument is that it’s a 7/7 worth of stats, remember that it’s simple to leave it on the board as the last minion due to a lack of real threat, taunt, or a much needed buff to a 5/5. 4 health is simply weak in the current meta.
  • Djinni of Zephyrs – Hyper specific on deck archtype but a decent body in arena. Not much else to say about this card other than the lack of card draw from Power Word: Shield.
  • Summoning Stone – Terrible in arena, and sadly deck dependent in constructed. I tried this card with every class but had to settle as nothing seemed to work due to its high mana cost. Rogue was surprisingly good for this, as a board of wisps can sometimes lead to victory. Slowly.
  • Reno Jackson – Highly dependent on deck construction, decent in arena, can win fatigue games. Even then, a terrible legendary. 

The class cards have limited uses as well. Not one is truly viable in current topdeck metas, and sadly only one has the “Discover” mechanic that we were looking so forward to.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.33.40Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.33.35Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.33.39Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.33.38Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.33.41Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.33.36

  • Dark Peddler leaves much to be wanted, as zoo doesn’t need a tempo loss like this. Can’t replace anything in that deck.
  • Explorer’s Hat can be used as a “Ping” mechanic for board control, decent in arena, silence is a killer. Interesting that it works really well with the “Sisters” from TGT.
  • Rumbling Elemental deals that 2 damage as a single strike, unlike Flame Walker’s superior passive. Not to mention all the decent battlecry minions that you would want to play cost 3+.
  • Sacred Trial isn’t worth playing. As a secret paladin you have constant board control. Useless in midrange, and secret decks. Poor card, bad alternative to MC Tech.
  • Obsidian Destroyer is statistically Dr. Boom with a -1/1 passive, while absolutely amazing for a lucky Varian Wrynn.
  • Forgotten Torch isn’t a terrible card. It’s simply unnecessary. Mages have Frostbolt for 3 and Fireball for 6. Another card that copies that similar mechanic for equal mana seems redundant.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-15-15 22.43.56

As for the wing bosses being a challenge, I laugh at thee. Simply use a Tempo Mage for the first boss, while a standard Dragon Priest for the second and Third encounters got me another 3-0. Laughably the easiest adventure wing to date for Hearthstone. Hopefully we see somewhat more of a challenge with the upcoming wings yet to be unlocked.

Lastly, splitting content into timed releases is quite agitating rather than exciting. I understand it prolongs a release, but please, if we pay for something and it’s available, let us have access to it. I’m sure many of you within Blizzard have criticized “On the Disk DLC”, and these timed releases are no different. We know the cards are ready; the adventure is finished. Why make us wait? We’ve had enough advent calendars and timed releases over two months. Let us taste that sweet chocolate of December the 15th and engorge ourselves with rivers of content that don’t make us hate cards which sorely need help from other set releases.

Very meh.

2/5 Atoms
NR 2 Atoms - D


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