Danny Boyle gives his take on Steve Jobs box office failure

Steve Jobs, the second feature film based on the life of the late tech mogul, is struggling at the box office. Despite critical praise, including a glowing review from yours truly which you can read here, its box office total is still $10 million shy of its $30 million budget.

It’s bizarre considering it’s directed by Danny Boyle, who’s given us gems like Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours; it’s written by Aaron Sorkin, one of the greatest, most buzz-worthy writers in Hollywood and stars Magneto himself, Michael Fassbender, an A-lister who’s no stranger to both blockbusters and critical masterpieces like 12 Years a Slave.

So, what on earth happened?

A disappointed Danny Boyle spoke with BBC and gave his take on the matter. His argument deals with the release strategy of the movie.

“It’s very easy in hindsight, but I think it’s probably that we released it too wide too soon,” Boyle said.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs saw incredible success when it had a limited release in just four theaters on October 9th, but it didn’t last once the movie went wide. Boyle believes the distributors “should have built more slowly.”

Released to 2, 493 cinemas screens on October 23, it opened in seventh place before being dropped to just 421 screens.

Despite the movie’s financial shortcomings, Boyle said he “wouldn’t criticize” Universal over the release schedule adding, “Universal have been exemplary in the way they’ve stood up for the film, promoted [it] and supported us throughout the whole process – and I think are genuinely very proud of the film. Yeah sure, you might have done it in a different way… But you know, you’ve got to get on now.”

The movie still has a chance to recoup much of its cost. If the movie receives Oscar nominations like many experts believe, it could gain a larger viewership as a result.

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