Ronda Rousey to grace the cover of EA’s UFC 2


Hot off the heels of the announcement of EA’s UFC 2, it has been announced today that Ronda Rousey will be the cover athlete of the new mixed martial arts game. Ronda will be the first woman to appear on the UFC game joining the ranks of Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Brock Lesnar. the UFC 2 game will also join the already long list of covers that Rousey has on her resume including¬†Maxim, the Ring, ESPN, and she was even the first woman to make the cover of Men’s Fitness.

From the image released by EA that still shows another shadowy figure,¬†it appears that they are still going to announce one more athlete that will share the coveted box art space with Ronda. Unless EA decides to let the fans vote on the second cover fighter like they did last year, we are all but guaranteed to see the UFC’s number 2 draw in the company: Conor McGregor. Much like the Gracie-Shamrock era, the Chuck Liddell-Tito Ortiz era, the Lesnar-GSP era, we are right in the middle of what will always be remembered as the Rousey-McGregor era. Although I’d personally like to see Chris Weidman or Nick Diaz (which will NEVER happen) on the cover with Ronda, expect the McGregor announcement to come a little closer to UFC 194 when Conor fights Jose Aldo for the Undisputed featherweight championship.

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