Videogame BANG! Episode 109: The Fallout 4 Episode

videogame bang fallout

What is going on everyone? This week’s episode is a doozy! Because of a bet, Webb is hosting this episode and it is…rough. On the show we have Cory, Aaron and Joey Ferris of Ferriswheel productions and a writer for Nerd Reactor.

Hold on tight cause we have a packed show about Tomb Raider, Black Friday Deals, and of course Fallout 4. We talk the good, the bad and the mods we want to see. Not to mention all the best names that Codsworth can pronounce.

If you are in the Reno area, check out Videogame BANG at the Wizard World Comic Con on November 20th. We will be hosting a live show right there at the convention. We are also special guests at Sac Gamers Expo on December 13th in Sacramento, CA. We will have a booth shared with the amazing cosplayer Macy Rose as well as some amazing give aways.

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