Watch ‘Vision Trailer’ for EA Sports UFC 2


The guys over at EA Sports have released what they are calling a ‘vision trailer’ to get fight fans hyped about the latest UFC game. In the trailer EA acknowledges a few of the mistakes that were made in the previous game, specifically the submission mechanics and some of the rigid and repetitive character animations.

Personally I think focusing too much on realism in an MMA game spells disaster. There is a fine line between fighting ‘game’ and fighting ‘simulator’ and the major difference is that games are actually fun. I think even worse than the submission system in the original UFC game was the career mode. EA did what I felt was an amazing job in their career mode in the original EA’s MMA game with traveling the world, learning techniques and climbing the ranks. I’m excited that EA is ready to get back on the horse with EA UFC 2, and I’m cautiously optimistic that it has potential to be as good as the EA MMA game was.

What features would you like to see improved from the original EA’s UFC game?

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