The finest writing instruments this side of the galaxy, and they can be yours!


Sometimes, one of the biggest signs of a person’s devotion to something is by how they adorn themselves. Using themselves as living shrines, they will decorate themselves to honor their favorite passions. Whether it’s someone decked out, from head to toe, in NASCAR paraphernalia (beer drinking hat optional) or someone who dresses all in black and wears their favorite rock band t-shirts (go Hansen!), you can usually find out what a person is into by what they wear or carry on them. Well, Star Wars fans, the time is now to go from regular fan, to ultimate, super classy, stylish fan.

In commemoration of the upcoming release of the latest installment in the iconic saga, CROSS, founded by artisan Richard Cross, has unveiled a new series of well crafted writing instruments and journals that will bring in all the beautiful Twi’leks and Zeltrons. These one of a kind collectible writing instruments give homage to the timeless series, capturing the mythical and modern elements of the original Star Wars film trilogy, and giving fans an opportunity to carry that inspiration with them where ever they go.

“This limited series of writing instruments and accessories reflects the CROSS values unmistakably shared by the creators of this iconic saga,” states Magnus Jonsson, chief marketing officer at CROSS, “which include the continued pursuit of greatness and the timeless value of thoughtful inspiration and innovation.”

The series features some of the most iconic Star Wars characters, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Stormtroopers. The Star Wars limited edition collection from the Townsend line is limited to 1977 units per character and features impeccable character details etched into the finish, enhancing its collectability and authenticity (MSRP, $450-$575). The Click Star Wars Gel Ink Pen Collection symbolizes the dynamic spirit of each character and is the ideal pen for your everyday writing needs (MSRP, $45). Last but not least, and designed to complement your Star Wars writing instrument, the Star Wars journal collection from the Jot Zone line is the perfect blank slate on which to journal your favorite Star Wars scene (MSRP, $40).

STP Picture3

These things are a picture of sophistication and class, and in the hands of a fan, or someone who can appreciate what all the Saga brought to generations, it can only intensify the level of allure and admiration one can have for the series. With the holidays just around the corner, maybe these could be a great gift idea for that Star Wars fan close to your heart. Don’t be the scruffy-looking nerf-herder this year and give out socks!

The series can be purchased online at CROSS and at select retailers.

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