Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis voice classic Star Wars scene at Rhode Island Comic-Con


Remember last year during a con, when someone on Twitter asked Mark Hamill to have a dialogue between Luke Skywalker an The Joker? Well it happened again, but this time with different characters from the animated Batman universe. At Rhode Island Comic-Con, there was a panel titled Voices of Batman, where a fan dressed up as Batman asked voice actors Kevin Conroy, the legendary voice of Bruce Wayne, and Will Friedle, who voiced Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond, to re-enact a scene from The Empire Strikes Back, similar to the scene that Mark Hamill did.

 Although the voices were different, the dialogue remained mostly the same. This time, Kevin Conroy read the dialogue of Darth Vader using the voice of Bruce Wayne, while Will Friedle voiced the parts of Luke Skywalker but as Terry McGinnis. Both of these classic character voices talking to each other in a completely different manner than we are used to created one of the most fun and memorable interactions we have seen.

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