The Pokemon Tree of Life explains Pokelution


Where do Pokemon come from? A question every aspiring gamer parent fears to answer one day as the Pokeworld can be quite convoluted at times with the addition of so many new monsters with every new game. It’s difficult to keep up with all the Super evolution, stone activation, modifiers, and whatever else Nintendo has in stock for future generations. Fortunately, we now have a definitive map of life thanks to TinySamurai and InnocuousSpaniard.


While inspecting it, I’ve also realized something quite disturbing about the Pokemon world that never really came to my mind as a child.

There are many creatures in this world that are man-made. This in term would mean that humans in this dimension have the power to create artificial life and intelligence. The repercussions would also employ a possibility that many humans were also artificially created. It’s entirely possible that our entire childhood was a lie, and Ash was created to enslave these creatures for employment such as the electrical generator seen in the very first episode of the original show.

pokemon scary

It’s now much more apparent to me now that Pokemon (intelligent life forms) were created by humans through magic and technology to be used as submissive slaves for settling disputes, handling difficult labor, and being transformed into the equivalent of a 9V battery.

Now try explaining that to little Jimmy.

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