Hearthstone: League of Explorers ‘Discover’ mechanic explained


Blizzard’s recent reveal of Hearthstone’s new adventure League of Explorers, brings with it 45 new cards and a mechanic that’s possibly one of the best recent additions to the game. With Hearthstone currently being dominated by aggressive deck arch-types, Discover brings slower decks the much needed card advantage with a bit of RNG, as always.

If you’re not already watching the panel, you’re probably still wondering, what exactly does Discover do? As seen with cards like the one below, Discover can be combo’d with other mechanics such as Battlecry, or used with an activator such as specific type summons.


The result of Discover activating, is similar to the current card found rarely in midrange hunter decks, Tracking. There is one huge difference, which is the RNG factor I mentioned earlier.

Discover will give you the choice of adding a card to your hand from between three different cards within your class, or neutral minions. Note, this does NOT count as drawing a card. Effects which activate on card draw do not have much synergy with this mechanic.

Hearthstone Discover

This does unfortunately make it an RNG mechanic, but it’s also somewhat competitive as you’re still faced with decision-making. While it’s likely that you won’t receive that perfect card in most games, the rare occurrence that RNJesus blesses you with that perfect extra Fireball or clutch heal, can turn the game around quite significantly.

There are also some specific Discover activations such as the new Legendary below, which lets you choose between three sub-par spells for 10 Mana. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive new Legendary in the new expansion, but simply doesn’t do enough. RIP Arch-Thief, 2015-2015.



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