My experiences this year at Comikaze 2015


Being a Comikaze veteran, I had certain expectations about 2015’s Comikaze at the LA convention center and sadly, I have to say that not all of them were met. It seems that they started the convention a little later on Friday which they did last year as well, around 1pm. I arrived at 12:30 as most people do and walked across to the main entrance to be told that it wasn’t in the main exhibit hall, but instead was in the MUCH smaller West Exhibit Hall with overflow in the concourse hall, totaling about 2/3 of the square footage of the main southern hall as they normally use. I was wondering if they went smaller because they didn’t expect as many people there due to lowered ticket expectations and the oversaturation of cons in Southern California. Maybe the Los Angeles Convention Center catered towards ObesityWeek 2015 since it had the majority of the South Hall, and the event didn’t even start yet.

As I searched for the registration desk, all those in the bright Comikaze shirts were extremely helpful, but the security hired for the event was absolutely terrible. They were rude and had no knowledge of what was going on. I went over to the line to get in which was unorganized and split into 3 different lines with no signage or guides as it began to overflow outside. Luckily a Comikaze volunteer reorganized it since security stood by and did nothing. Going inside the convention was a different story. You first see a giant Loot Crate area, and tons of cool stuff to check out. I forgot about all the troubles I dealt with (about an hours worth), and smiled in glee as I was with other nerds. The prices for drinks and food was not as high as I remembered which was nice, and tons of great merchandise were being sold. I picked up a few POP! figures and only had to wait about 15 minutes to buy the Hot Topic Exclusive Stan Lee and unmasked Deathstroke figures.

I went over to the separate hall for celebrity signings and it seemed kind of bare and empty. Only a few booths were set up, but with less people, it was a lot cooler in that hall which was refreshing. I did see a few C-rated celebrities there just hanging out and a bunch of random cosplayers hanging out all over the con. They were all very respectful and I didn’t really see anything inside the con that wasn’t fun, and it was great to see young families cosplaying together as they roamed the halls.

Overall I had a pretty good time, and although you have to deal with terrible security and a smaller exhibit hall, the finished product was fun and ended up producing over 21% more attendees than last year, making 2015 the biggest turnout yet for Comikaze.

Check out our photo gallery here and our cosplay music video below.

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