Videogame BANG! Episode 108: Halo Composer Tom Salta

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Hey Gamers! This week we have an awesome guest and his name is Tom Salta! Tom is a composer who started his career in the music industry working with superstars like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and because of his love for video games completely changed courses and joined the world of composing for video games. We talk about that transition musically, the pressures of remaking Martin O’Donnell’s iconic gaming soundtrack, life on the road meeting Eric Clapton and Kurt Cobain… Need I say more?

Also on the show this week we have Jada, David Webb, and Aaron Carter. We are talking about Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta, Halo 5 Multiplayer and Campaign, as well as hype,¬†hype, hype for Fallout 4.

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