SoCal’s Akihabara Expo canceled due to allegations of CEO misusing funds

akihabara expo canceled

There was controversy surrounding Akihabara Expo, the convention trying to capture the spirit of Japan’s Akihabara located in Anaheim, CA. Now it has officially announced that the event has been canceled. The reason was that the allegations and threats caused some of the staff to leave. Pretty much the expo needed people to help run it, and without the people, there would be no expo.

Here’s the official statement from Akihabara Expo’s Facebook page:

“To our guests and fans,

Due to the recent rumors and allegations, we are forced to bring Akihabara Expo to a halt. Most of our staff have left the organization due to threats as well as a distrust of the exposition due to recent events. Without people to run the show, and without the people who helped us build this, we cannot execute a show that we would be proud of. In addition, most of our guests have left due to the constant drama and harassment our exposition has faced. We wished the show could go on, but without proper staffing and a solid lineup, we cannot bring the same quality and experience that we had promised you. If you wish to receive a refund, please fill form down below.”

It started to spiral with a Facebook post from Mikey Pham, not related to Akihabara Expo’s CEO Michael Pham, claiming that the CEO has been stealing funds like going shopping in Akiba and attending concerts instead of using the funds for business. Mikey claims that he has documents to prove this and that there were no contracts made for the expo’s guests. He also has a problem with the CEO being a 21-year-old and claims that he’s going on Facebook and showing off how much money he’s making.

“Okay, I actually need help with this guys. Normally, I just say my piece, let people hear it, and people do their thing, but I want this spread around.

AkibaExpo is a shit storm and the CEO is literally stealing funds and ironically, he has the same name as me. Yes, his name is “Michael Pham”.

Anyways, here’s the gist of it, and all of this has been verified.. There are documents, some of which I can share, but I’m not just going to post them. If you don’t believe me, feel free to message me about it.

Akihabara Expo’s CEO is 21 years old. He lives in Garden Grove (good luck just using that info to find him because there’s 328593272 michael pham’s in garden grove, including myself).

His investor for this convention is from Asia. Why he gave this kid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a convention? We don’t fucking know.

The kid has lied to pretty much everyone about everything since the start of this. He’s been using convention funds for “business trips” where he isn’t meeting with anyone. Instead he’s going shopping in Akiba, going to music concerts, going to maid cafes and the such. He’s been funneling funds and just using them however he likes.

He didn’t draft real contracts with any of his guest. What he has done is made contact with them, invited them, and then promised a bunch of things without actually writing any of it down to be signed. Teddyloid isn’t on the main website anymore if you’ve noticed with no announcement or reasoning. Other guests have not had proper things addressed as well, though they seem more willing to play along.)

There was also issue of how the website has no real business information. The address of the business shows the Anaheim convention center, and the number the same. Well, Here’s the thing about that. Akiba Expo was registered, him as the sole employee. But this is being transferred to somewhere else.

Said company is a shadow company. It has no address, no point of contact etc. etc. etc. etc. This is where your money is going.

Contracts for guests were just created today. I got to look at one in a very long winded round about way. It’s shit. The contracts are written in a way to screw guests over. Further more, there’s things like liability issues within the writing. In example… if a convention were to bring over an artist that does covers, there are many copyright issues. The production manager needs to get the rights for the usage of songs. When you are an anime convention, and a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR draw is an artist that does anime song covers, and the convention has not received permission to use those songs, this is very illegal. So, one of the contracts to one of the guests talks about licenses and usage, which the convention doesn’t have. If said guests signs the contract with the false pretense of performing these copyrighted songs, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Anyways, this convention is being run by a 21 year old, who sits on facebook and brags about how much money he makes, and the things he does (most of which are shady as fuck). He’s illegally used the conventions funds to take pleasure trips and buy personal goods. He lied about contracts and guests. He’s trying to completely dick over guests.

This is just a start, but it’s 12:10am and I don’t want to write more, or look at contracts, or look at paper trails anymore tonight.

Please don’t support this convention. It will literally give American conventions a bad name with JP companies. But more importantly, do not give money to this asshole who is stealing from his staff, lying and screwing over guests, and screwing over the attendees.”

If you visit the Akihabara Expo site now, it’ll give you a 404 error. When it was up, it had Crunchyroll listed as one of the video web service companies under its guest page.

crunchyroll akihabara expo

However, Crunchyroll officially said that it is not involved with the expo.

Grimecraft, a music group that was in talks to appear at Akihabara Expo, had something to say about the drama on its Facebook page.

“So Akihabara Expo is canceled – they refused to sign contracts and failed to make payments to performers and guests using our branding without consent to promote their event.”

Were you looking forward to the con, or were you hoping it would die in a fiery blaze?

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