Street Fighter V’s DLC characters revealed via sound files including Guile and Balrog


We won’t have to wait the next few months for Capcom to reveal the six characters post-launch DLC characters for the Street Fighter V roster. The characters’ names have already been leaked thanks to users data mining the PC version of SFV.

While there was some information pulled from the game’s source code, it’s actually the audio files that fully confirm all six DLC characters returning from previous games including Street Fighter III’s Alex, Urien, and Ibuki, as well as Street Fighter IV’s Juri, along with longtime Street Fighter characters Guile and Balrog (Boxer). It also reveals that the next original character for the game will be a character of Chinese descent named Fan/Fun.


It wasn’t only the character names that was found in the games audio files, as the names of various events in the Capcom Pro Tour were found including names like Community Effort Orlando (CEO), Evolution (Evo), SoCal Regionals, Tokyo Game Show, DreamHack and more. It’s not exactly sure how the audio files will be implemented, but for sure it’s something that Capcom is doing to highlight different major fighting game tournaments in the future.

You can hear all of the audio files at


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