Magic the Gathering is going back to Innistrad


Just as the hype from Battle for Zendikar is calming down, and Fat Packs are almost attainable, the Wizards of the Coast team for Magic the Gathering drop a new announcement for the latest set. The team at WotC are keeping the nostalgia tour running full speed as the newest set takes us back to Innistrad in the aptly titled new set: Shadows Over Innistrad. If feels like we just left Innistrad, probably because the last innistrad block was released in 2012.

Before we see Shadows over Innistrad, we still have one more set of cards scheduled to release in January 2016 of the current block called Oath of the  Gatewatch. Depending on how that set ends we might have a better idea on what to expect in Innistrad. Perhaps we will get a crossover set with a Phyrexian invasion? Who knows? What would you like to see in the new set?

Check it out they also released this teaser trailer that gives us a little insight to what is happening in the lore of the game.

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