Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Among Us Hide’ Recap


The episode two weeks ago left us hanging with an unknown body, seemingly Andrew, laying in a pool of blood as the building exploded. Since we didn’t see his face, there was doubt whether it was Andrew or not. This week the episode starts with May having a flashback of the moment Hunter went after Ward and thereby essentially giving the kill order on Andrew.

The flashback is interrupted by a SHIELD emergency team bringing Andrew in alive. A banged up Andrew tells the tale of his escape and how Coulson had an agent tailing him who gave Andrew enough time to get out banged up, but alive. Hunter gets put on the bench by Coulson for his slip-up, but May – the Calvary rather – is back.

May recruits Bobbi, in a rather unorthodox but very May way, to help her on her new mission: hunting down Ward. May and Bobbi take the new bus to Cayman Islands to track down the Von Strucker kid who is on the run after failing the mission. We see him meeting with a new player. A man who is obviously a remanent of the former HYDRA and one who knew his father. This nameless man promises to help him, but turns him in to Ward in order to “save the game.”

Meanwhile, Daisy is working on her own theory of the identity of Lash. We know Lash can turn into back into a regular human and Daisy deduces that Lash must be a part of the ATCU. He knew the exact route that they were on and where to intercept the truck. He also only took out Frye and left the others, mostly, unharmed. Her theory leads her and Mack to ATCU Agent Banks. Hunter, bored out of his mind being benched, volunteers to go with them. After tracking him to his house, Hunter decides that they can only plan so much before he takes it into his own hands and “ices” him, then brings him back to the van to get a blood sample for testing. Simmons tests the blood and finds no Inhuman DNA in Banks, however they were able to inadvertently find the location of the ATCU where Coulson is getting a tour.

The episode ends with a startling realization. One that some fans, including some of our very own readers, predicted. When Bobbi and May find Von Strucker, he is on the brink of death thanks to Ward’s men. May gets to him just in time and asks him where Ward is. Von Strucker, clearly still terrified from Ward, relives the moments at the end of last week’s episode with May. His story is very different than Andrew’s though. He tells May what happened after the SHIELD agent took out one HYDRA while the other took out the SHIELD agent. Andrew comes out from behind a shelf and transforms into Lash. He takes out the the second HYDRA agent as Von Strucker escapes. Andrew then blew up the store himself and apparently positioned himself to make it look like he narrowly escaped.

How did Andrew become Lash? Has he always been Lash? He is SHIELD’s most trusted advisor and now we know he is killing Inhumans. What will the team do now? We are going to have to wait for some of the most anticipated answers int he show’s 3 seasons until next week.

Congratulations to the cast of Agents of SHIELD on their 50th episode!

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9|8c on ABC

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