Smite Down: Shadows of Olympus

shadows of olympus

Smite keeps rolling along with another update soon to hit the scene. November 3rd the Shadows of Olympus update will bring a whole bunch of content to the game, starting off with new skins.

Athena will see her mastery skins updated to reflect the new mastery looks. More interestingly, there will be clan rewards, with new shadow skins. A level three clan can get treasure chests that can unlock shadow skins for Thor, Anhur, Isis, Kephri, and Tir, as well as other goodies. The chest can be purchased with clan honor, like recolors with favor. A few gods see some hits this round, more notably Athena with a hit to her ults cooldown by 20 seconds. Janus, Kephri, and Zeus all see adjustments to their kits for further balancing of the game.

One bit of information slightly mention in the update video is the new mode HiRez is working on called Clash. Only small bits of details are known about it, but I’m hoping for a more news soon. Check out the video below for more details on the Shadow of Olympus update.

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