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Let’s face it, a good gaming headset is expensive. If you are like me, then you have a great pair of headphones that you use to listen to music with and would like to use them to game. Now there is an easy solution: The ModMic by Antlion Audio. The ModMic is a solitary mic that can be used with any pair of headphones. The question is, can this modular, detachable mic give the same quality sound as those headphones with the built-in mic? I stacked it up against some of the best gaming headsets available, and it definitely rose to the occasion.

The ModMic itself is pretty basic looking with a thin rubberized boom and a puffy looking pop filter around the mic itself. The cord with the 3.55mm connector at the end comes out of the back of the boom and hangs down to be plugged into either a mic port on your PC, y-splitter for your console or a PC lacking a dedicated mic port. There is also a mute button on the cord.

The mic comes with a magnetic clip that sticks to your headphones using 3M adhesive. The magnetic clip is very tiny and barely noticeable but allows you to use the mic when you are gaming and remove it when you just want to listen to some tunes. The magnet used may be small but is very strong and provides a strong connection, allowing you to game without worrying about the mic falling off. The mic is also designed to be able to be raised up into a vertical position when not in use.

ModMic 4

The audio is clean and crisp with minimal, if any, background noise. The mic uses a noise canceling feature to cut out the excess room noise. There is some slight word clipping when talking, but it is very minimal and hardly noticeable especially when compared to other gaming mics on the market. When positioned correctly the mic can pick up your voice and cut out the excess room noise providing a clear signal to your team and/or Twitch. The audio quality is comparable to that of the high-end gaming headsets and, in some cases, even surpasses them.

Setting up the Mod-Mic was extremely easy. I used my pair of Sony MDR-7506 professional headphones and attached the mic to the outside of the ear cup. Between the cord from the mic and the cord from the headset, it can be easy for the cords to become a tangled mess. However, using the cable management clips that comes with the mic, I was able to easily combine the headset and mic cords for clean cable management.

I used a basic y-splitter that I picked up at my local electronics store and a chat adapter for my Xbox One controller. Once everything was plugged in, I was ready to go. I tried using the Party Chat app on Xbox One as well as in-game chat and in both cases my team said the audio was very clear and strong quality. The viewers on Twitch also claimed the audio was strong. All in all it was probably the best audio I have had despite having used various gaming high-end headsets in the past.

The best part of the ModMic is that it is only $50! For that you get a travel case for taking the mic on the road, two magnetic attachments, an extra 3M adhesive pad, and 6 cable management clips. A detachable mic with the sound quality of a high-end pair of  gaming headphones is a steal for $50. The ModMic is perfect for streamers, YouTubers, or just casual gamers who want to sound good when playing online.

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Antlion also has a new model in the works that uses an XLR connector instead of the 3.5mm for those in professional audio industries. The team at Antlion Audio are great at providing help or answering questions if you have any problems. They have a strong customer service team that is open to feedback and take their customer community into consideration when adding new features and products.

The ModMic is a great alternative to traditional gaming headphones, especially if you already have a favorite headset that you want to use. Combine that with great customer service and it is an unbeatable combination. It is definitely a recommended buy. For more information on the ModMic and to order your own pair, visit

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A

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