Restaurant gets into the Halloween Spirit!

It’s no surprise to see people dressing up on Halloween but what is a nice change of pace is seeing a business get into the full swing of things. Enter a local Chicago food staple Wiener’s circle, they decided to go all out and redecorate as one of the biggest fictional restaurants that was ever shown on the silver screen. The one that I am referring to is Mcdowell’s from Eddie Murphy’s classic 80’s film Coming to America.

For those of you who don’t know¬†Mcdowell’s is the fictional McDonald’s rival fast food restaurant that employs Murphy when he arrives in America and decides to work to fit in with the common man. Here’s what it looked like in the movie for those who don’t remember.


Now here is Wiener’s Circle’s rendition:


They didn’t stop there though even the employees were dressed in full McDowell’s uniforms:

mcdow 3 mcdow2

This is a great way for a business to stand apart from others by drawing attention to themselves by combining their holiday spirit and honoring a much loved film, all while having fun at the same time. Here’s the famous scene that clearly points out why McDowell’s isn’t just some copy cat to its more well known competitor Mcdonalds.


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