Marvel Collectors Corps October Box Opening

It’s October, and that means it’s time for Marvel Collector Corps third box to be released. I was pretty excited when mine finally arrived that I pulled out my camera and decided to do my very first unboxing. I joined after seeing the contents of the first box and seeing that amazing HulkBuster Funko Pop was inside and was immediately hooked for $25 a month plus shipping, since the Funko alone is worth the price of box and you still get a lot of other goodies.

The newest released boxes theme is Villains and what better theme to have during Halloween. Right off the bat I love the box as it features my favorite former villain/anti-hero Venom.


So what do I think about this month’s box? Well I feel the last few boxes have been better in my opinion, but that isn’t to say this is a bad box. The HulkBuster, Unmasked Ant-Man, Jane Foster Thor and Miles Morales Funkos are really cool and something I really like adding to my collections, but I just wasn’t as excited for this figure (especially since there are two variants and you only get one in the box), but everything else on the other hand was great including the very adorable Loki Vinyl figure and the shirt that features all the baddies.

I’m still a pretty satisfied fan of the Marvel Collectors Corps, and look forward to Decembers Guardians of the Galaxy theme boy, but I am really looking forward to next years boxes with all the movies coming up.


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