Kickstarter: Covalence – a game where you can bond


Oh, tabletop games. There seems to be a lot of them nowadays for kids and adults to come together to bond. There are just so many to choose from now and recently. the current popular games has consisted of magic, quick wit, and/or who has the dirtiest mind. Although, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those kinds of games at all, but what happened to all the brain games? Remember those brain games back in the day when you had to answer questions about science, math, and history? Remember the games that made learning fun?

Well, Covalence is exactly that and more.


What is Covalence?

Well, to my science lovers and aspiring scientists, Covalence is a game where players work together to accurately build a number of secret organic molecules. Molecules that we use every single day in our lives. Working together in teams, one player plays the “Knower”, who has knowledge of the Secret Molecules, while the other players are “Builders” and must deduce what these secret molecules are, based on the clues provided by the Knower.

Wait… so how is this fun?

Because SCIENCE.


Science is FUN!

This game is especially great for kids who are just learning chemistry. Kids and adults learn better when they are taught in a fun way. This could inspire them to learn more and understand that science is fun. It may also help them further along in their science courses for the future. Plus, this is a TEAM building game. So your child and yourself must work as a team to build a molecule and even BOND.

Science is fun and it matters.

Where can I get this?

Covalence has a Kickstarter that has been successfully funded, but they are accepting more contributions for their stretch goals (which is adding more sweet stuff to the game)!

Also, this will give you the opportunity to buy it before it comes out WITH perks! The more you contribute, the sweeter the perks!

Check out the video below to learn more and contribute here.

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