8 Last-minute, fast, cheap, and easy GEEKY Halloween costumes


Halloween is tomorrow and you STILL don’t have a costume? Just been too busy? Too lazy? Well, you still have that party to go to with NO costume. Fret not, we have some fast, cheap, and easy last minute costumes for you!

1 – A Sims character
Wear anything you want. Basically, you just print out the Sims diamond here, place a straw on the back to have it stand up straight and attach it onto a headband or just hold it up whenever people ask you what your costume is. BOOM. Done.


2 – An EMOJI

Wear all black, print out the emoji expressions, and stick it anywhere on yourself. Did you know they are selling this costume?! I just saved you $25. You’re welcome!


3 – A Meme
My personal favorite is the DEAL WITH IT meme. You can print out the glasses here and cut them and stick them on your regular glasses. If people ask “Why do you have that costume?!” You tell them: DEAL WITH IT. Added bonus, print DEAL WITH IT and when they ask, slowly put on the glasses and the side beneath you.


4 – A Crazy Gamer


Wear your pajamas, wear your headset, bring your fight stick or favorite controller, and start pretending you’re yelling at someone through the headset. People are going to wonder who you’re talking to, but they will get the idea that you’re a gamer. Don’t forget to occasionally sip your energy drink.


5 – Snapchat


There are just so many social media sites and it’s pretty easy to do a quick and easy costume surrounding them. Snapchat being the easiest. First, print the ghost out here and a rainbow here and cut around it. Dress all in yellow, stick the ghost on your chest and carry the rainbow with you. When people ask what you are, pretend to puke rainbows. Done!


6 – Instagram


There have been tons of costumes of people as an Instagram photo. They are the actual photo, but since we are taking the lazy man’s way out. We just need you to print out the Instagram symbol here and several hearts aka LIKE here. Stick the Instagram symbol on you and start passing out the hearts/likes. You’re LIKING everyone’s costumes. Boom


7 – Starfleet Officer

trek cos

You don’t need to make any official Starfleet Uniform. All you really need to do is wear either a full black sweater or any sweater color that is Starfleet approved (basically blue, red, and yellow) and just add a badge to it. Find any badge here to print.


8 – Charlie from LOST
charlie lost

Sure, the show was on almost ten years ago, but this character was an iconic one. All you have to do is dress up in a sweatshirt, t-shirt, and jeans and write NOT PENNY’S BOAT on your hand. Done.


Hopefully, these costumes help you tonight or tomorrow!!! Just something for those last minute folks! Good luck and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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