Top-Five WHHAAATT!! moments of Arrow’s latest episode ‘Beyond Redemption’


Last night’s episode was… interesting. It had a strong start and the storyline of the episode had continuity to it, compared to previous episodes, but the episode as a whole sort of fell through for me. Nevertheless, that didn’t mean that there were some great moments in the show that didn’t have you telling yourself, “Wait… WHHAAATT??” So after doing some digging, and sorting through the mess of the episode, here are my top five WHHAAATT!! moments of the latest episode of Arrow!


5.) Thea almost drops the ball about proposal

At the top of our list, we’re starting with a minuscule, yet pretty interesting, tidbit that occurs early in the episode, but still sends a solid message to the viewers. Of course, fans can’t forget the first episode and how domestic Ollie was planning to pop the question, using his mother’s ring, and many have voiced distain that it hasn’t resurfaced yet being in the fourth episode. Well, the creators have heard you and are responding to your cries! I think this was a nice subtle way for the Arrow writers to let viewers know that they haven’t forgotten what the viewers want. It’s still a major part of this season’s many plot points. Although Oliver and Felicity are back to the old stomping ground, having Thea think that this was the surprise the team was expecting and make mention of it, is a surefire way to keep the topic still pretty fresh in everyone’s minds.


4.) We get our first introduction to Arrow Universe’s Liza Warner.

Now, most of the seasons previous to season four, the creators of Arrow have tried to make an effort to include Easter eggs from the DC Universe here and there throughout the series, but this season has been pretty consistent with the winks. From starting the season off with a nod to the Green Lantern, having seen great villains like Anarky and Baron Blitzkrieg (whose name in Arrow is Baron Reiter) and so much more, that this episode was not without. In this episode, we got a glimpse of the Arrow Universes’ Liza Warner, played by the remarkable Rutina Wesley. If she looks familiar, she has had recurring roles in hit shows such as Hannibal and True Blood, although I’m digging her as Warner in the show. Now, this name may not really sound like someone you know, but rest assured, she is from the DC Universe.

After her debut in 1975 in DC’s Lady Cop, she had a recurring role in 2006’s “All-New Atom”, helping The Atom capture bad guys, and most of all….being a good guy. In the Arrow Universe, I think the Arrow team wanted to make a mention of her, but her role in the show is definitely different. She is an officer, as also in the comics, although she was an officer in Ivy Town in the series, and in the show she’s an officer in Star City. The biggest difference between the two: she’s no bueno in the show. She’s a hardcore antagonist, although with misguided morals. I speculate that due to the fact that she wasn’t killed or sent to prison during the course of the episode, there may be a possibility that she might be back for some sort of redemption since she was seen in the montage that occurred during Oliver’s hope speech. Speaking of the hope speech….


3.) Oliver announces candidacy for Mayor; Felicity opens encrypted file from Ray.

I went ahead and linked these two together, as although it was expected to occur at the end of the episode, the fact that it happens lets us know that the ball will start rolling for things to come. Both events are the catalyst for what’s to come about for each character’s own personal plot in the season, from Oliver’s run for Mayor and Felicity realizing that Ray’s not dead. Also from the 2006 DC event, Infinite Crisis and One Year Later, Oliver is made known of the state of the city by a friend and decides to run for Mayor, giving us a glimpse of the on-screen adaptation of the story. As far as Felicity’s future exploits, we know that Ray is still alive, thanks to the Legends of Tomorrow previews, so it’s only a matter of time before Felicity is frantically doing whatever it takes to make whatever technology that will bring Ray back to normal size. But with all this, will it cause a wedge between her and Oliver? Will the drive to bring Ray back take over her responsibilities as the brains of the Arrow Squad? And speaking of Felicity…


2.) Damien Darhk makes the comment, “Father to father…”

So yeah. Damien’s a daddy. The maniacal yet ingenious villain of the season has a little one somewhere out there and from what it sounds like, out of the context of the show, he may have a daughter. I’ve heard many theories and thoughts on Damien’s connection to anyone on the show and one of those theories may actually have some ground now. The theory goes that Damien has yet to fully destroy the Green Arrow and his team because he is the father of….. Felicity! Part of the development of this theory was strengthened when Damien flipped out on Anarky in episode two when he kidnapped the daughter of Jessica Danforth, stating that there are lines one doesn’t cross. The man who has no problem killing millions of people, but has an issue with someone torturing and killing someone’s daughter? This comment will get people talking, and hopefully, more theories will surface due to it, but my money is on the idea that he may actually be Felicity’s dad. And speaking of dad….


1.) Sara is gone!

I didn’t really have a good segway for this one, but… Sara’s gone! Sara definitely embodied the spirit of Mowgli there, crawling around, looking at things with her head cocked sideways. The fact that Laurel had to chain her to a concrete pillar says something about how dangerous she would be if she got loose. I’m wondering how she was able to get her on the plane to get back home? Like, was she heavily sedated and drugged? Anyway, this psycho feral woman is now on the loose and it looks like its a job for someone who can handle a job like this, opening the door for one of the most anticipated episodes of the season: the episode we get to see John Constantine! As Darhk put it, her soul is gone from her, and who better to help find it and put it back in her, than the man who’s traveled the other realms before?


So those are my top five WHHAAATT!! moments of last night’s episode, but they weren’t the only ones. It was a tough list, seeing as the only interesting parts were the highlighted moments of easter egg-ery.

What do you think? Do you think something should have made the list? What do you think about Damien’s comment about being a father? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Arrow airs Wednesday 8/7c on The CW

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