‘Ghostpuncher’ brings a literal meaning to fighting ghosts

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The upcoming supernatural horror comedy movie, ‘Ghostpuncher’, takes a fresh look at the field of exorcism and fighting ghosts with the story of one exorcist who literally punches ghosts right back to the Netherworld.

Synopsis: Ghostpuncher is the story of a single father and his son who move into a house that is EXTREMELY haunted by three spirits known as The Collombelles (a mother and her two daughters who were serial killers in 1897.)
At first the ghosts are playful and harmless, but when the spirits become menacing, eventually possessing dad, the son turns to the ONLY place he can think of for help… THE INTERNET.

There he finds a desperate, down and out exorcist calling himself the “Ghostpuncher” who claims to have a gift that allows him to PUNCH ghosts and send them BACK to the netherworld. He is willing to perform this exorcism, for a price of course, but quickly discovers the ghosts in the house won’t go down without a bloody fight.

The team behind ‘Ghostpuncher’ includes Trevor Cornish (director, co-writer), who has won multiple awards for his work with commercials and short films, directed two video games for EA, and the film ‘Roland’ which premiered at TIFF 2013 and has since been screened at a dozen other film festivals around the world; Gabriel Napora (producer) who is the owner of Triton Films Inc. as well as Indian VFX company Tiyabella Visual Effects and is known for the Danny Trejo film ‘Juarez 2045’; and stand up comedian turned award-winning Canadian television star Jordan McCloskey (writer, creator, co-producer). The team best describes ‘Ghostpuncher’ as a fusion of Evil Dead 2, The Frighteners and The Lost Boys.

Although the movie is still currently in development, its combination of comedy and horror combined with a fresh, intriguing plot seems to give it all the makings of a cult classic. To keep up with the development of ‘Ghostpuncher’ follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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