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Gotham Season 2 has been labeled “Rise of the Villains” and so far it’s been a wild ride. We’ve seen a pseudo-Joker, Penguin turning into a crime lord, Edward Nigma on the verge of insanity and a small glimpse of Harvey Dent’s split personality in the previous season. Earlier today it was announced that another major villain will be joining Season 2. Victor Fries will make his debut and is being played by House of Cards star Nathan Darrow. So far Darrow is signed to 3 episodes, the first introducing his character on November 30th, and two more episodes afterwards which are focused on Victor Fries and his journey to Mr Freeze.

Since the 3 episodes are focusing on Fries’ attempt to freeze his dying wife, Nora, it’s possible that we may see the accident that leads to his transformation and possible isolation with his wife after the accident. Being unable to live outside cold temperatures, the years that pass could lead to him building his suit and eventual return to Gotham that leads to a life of crime in hopes to finding a cure for his wife. Season 2 started off strong and with Victor Fries making his debut, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Catch Gotham weekly on Fox Monday nights.

Source: Deadline

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