Street Fighter V set to add six more characters after launch


Earlier today it was revealed that Street Fighter V would be released on February 16, 2016, for both the PlayStation 4 and PC. It was also announced that Street Fighter veteran Dhalsim would be returning in the new installment. As Capcom mentioned before, Street Fighter V will be the only game you will ever need to buy, and their focus will be adding and improving this version. So you won’t have to worry about buying Super Street Fighter V, Ultra, Rainbow, Turbo or any other “installment” of the series.

Capcom also revealed that there are already plans to release six more characters to the game after the game’s launch. Characters will be released two months apart, giving players time to learn the new character, and look forward to another addition rather than releasing everyone at once. Of course as mentioned before, the new characters can be purchased with real money or via in-game currency, where you can earn by playing normally. The two-month gap also gives you time to earn your next character.

While we don’t know who the new characters are as of now, there are some hints by looking at the images. The second image looks like a boxer, meaning it could be Balrog (Bison in Japan). The fourth image could be Sakura or Ibuki, based off the stance and hair. The last image has a small resemblance to Haggar, who has never appeared in the Street Fighter series, but it could also be Alex, who has been hinted at for some time.

The recent release of the Street Fighter V PC Beta also lead some players to data mine for some information on possible characters and news. There are some interesting finds which include more data to back up that Alex, Urien and Ibuki will be returning, and adds more credibility since Dhalsim was found in the data two days before he was revealed, which you can see in this video from Maximilian Dood.

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