Quantic Dream reveals new game, Detroit: Become Human, starring Kara

detroit become human

Quantic Dream teased a tech demo called “Kara” back in 2012 that featured a robot of the same name being tested. Something unusual happened as it started to show true human emotions. That’s not part of the program, so the supervisor instructed the machines to disassemble her, but she pleaded with him to spare her life. For a few minutes, viewers felt sympathy for the robot that’s about to meet its end. Gamers weren’t sure whether the tech demo was going to be an actual video game… until now.

During Sony’s Media Briefing at Paris Games Week, Quantic Dream’s David Cage announced the new PS4-exclusive game called Detroit: Become Human. Detroit is known for making cars, but in the game it will be known as Android City.



Check out the trailer below.

And if you haven’t seen the emotional tech demo for Kara, see it below.

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