From Dusk till Dawn Season 2×10 Finale ‘Santa Sangre’ Review

By Jes Vu

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Ramblers, are you still not over that mind-blowing finale? The season may have had a slow start, but quickly picked up and led to an incredibly epic conclusion from our protagonists finally working together against Carlos to Chingon rocking in the background with their song ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’’. Let’s review, shall we?

The Gecko Brothers are Back

Richie: Do you have your balls on?

Seth: Screwed on tight.

Did you miss hearing those words like I do? It took a while, but it was great to see these boys working together, and DJ Cotrona and Zane Holtz still have a strong chemistry with one another even after two seasons.

While I do love the dynamic they have with the other characters, the Gecko brothers are the spine of the show. Even though we (along with everyone around the Geckos) know that the characters work best together, it was great exploring how they were separately, despite the fact that it came with many tragic sacrifices along the way (RIP Uncle Eddie!) In addition, it’s also ironic that it’s Santanico who becomes the last person to finally mend the bridge between the two brothers. After all, having been one of the obstacles between them, she knows more than anything that they need each other to survive.

Now that they’re behind the desk, hopefully we’ll see how that dynamic will play next season as they lead a group of culebras (especially since Seth is human himself.) Also, did Seth get new powers? He was able to differentiate between the culebras and humans—what do you think?

The White Hat

In the first season, I admit I didn’t care much for Freddie, however season two has integrated him so well in the story and mythology that he’s now become one of my favorite characters. Even if everyone else’s endings may be tragic or bittersweet, at least there’s hope for a happy ending for Freddie—at least for now.

The Rise of Kisa?

Seth and Richie may be the spine of the series, but Santanico has driven the story head on this season. Eiza Gonzalez has given an incredibly layered and complex performance to the character, and there’s a lot of care and nuance in the writing given Santanico’s a victim of sexual abuse.

Is she now Kisa? Or is she Santanico? According to showrunner Carlos Coto on Twitter, it’s “not resolved, even for her.” Her journey to reclaim her name has been incredibly empowering, so how the writers end her journey this season could not be anymore perfect. In any other show, Santanico would have been relegated to purely a love interest—she would have stayed with Richie or switched partners. To my surprise, she decides to part ways from Richie. After all, she’s been imprisoned for so long and now with Malvado dead, she is finally free to be who she wants, or at least find out who that is. “All my life I’ve been the property of men,” she told Richie. “That ends today.” That’s powerful.

While I’ve always had a difficult time believing Richie and Santanico’s relationship, their last scene feels genuine and organic. Despite everything they’ve done to each other, there’s a clear understanding and respect for once. Richie doesn’t want her to go but understands they’re on different paths. It’s romantically bittersweet, but as Santanico assures Richie: “Eternity isn’t forever.”

Conquistador till the End

As I note, Carlos is one of my “problematic faves.” As completely awful of a person as he is, he’s been not only multi-faceted in his poetic-ness, but simply fun to watch (and Wilmer is absolutely spot-on in his delivery.) Fortunately, he’s not “dead-dead” as I put it, and hopefully we’ll see him again. I expect the new additional powers to his immortality were partly logistical given Wilmer’s series regular role in Minority Report. But given Minority Report’s recent reduced episode order and low ratings, we may see Carlos sooner than later.

Lost Boy

Scott’s definitely one of my favorite characters. It’s been a treat to watch him have further development this season as he explores his identity and tries to find his place in the world. I especially love all his scenes with Kate (notably in episode 205), so it was especially heartbreaking to see him finally mourn for his sister.

The downside is that it took Kate’s death to really crack the “chisel in his heart” as his actor, Brandon Soo Hoo, noted at New York Comic Con. So it’s more than appropriate then to end Scott’s story this season by giving him the honor to decapitate Carlos to avenge his sister.

Kate’s Death

Where do I start with Kate’s death? First, holy CRAP. I was afraid Kate was going to get the “fridge” treatment for Richie and Scott’s stories (see: Sonja and to a lesser extent Paloma), but to my delight, the writers completely flipped this trope on its head. Kate’s death was ultimately about her—not Scott or Richie’s. Her death was merely the nail on the coffin in her journey that led not only to her loss of faith, but her innocence (one which Madison Davenport has noted multiple times in her interviews.) She’s completely broken and in turn, there are no sweet goodbyes—she pushes both Scott and Richie away by criticizing Scott and telling Richie to burn in hell in her dying breath. But guess what? She’s right and it’s gut wrenching. She died with anger and hate in her heart that it makes her death even more tragic, and Madison Davenport completely killed it in her performance (no pun intended).

Luckily for those Kate fans out there, Kate will be back according to the finale’s cliffhanger. The question remains: what does the Santa Sangre do to humans? We saw Gary Busey’s character go homicidal, and with Kate telling Richie to burn in Hell, I do not see happy reunions. How will the blood affect her? The only thing more painful than Kate’s death is the fact we’ll have to wait another year to find out.

Other Notes:

  • Fun fact: The servant, Lorena, in the beginning is played by Emily Rios. The scene is the first time Rios and Jesse Garcia have worked together since the 2006’s feature Quinceañera.
  • Talking about Lorena, I hope we see more of her. We need more badass women in this show. Also, who’s the Lord she works for? I guess that’s something to look forward to in season 3.
  • If you didn’t notice, that was Robert Rodriguez band, Chingon, during the showdown at Jacknife Jed’s. Their song was called “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin”—Appropriate, no?
  • For all you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans out there, TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman made a cameo during the Jacknife showdown.

What did you think about the finale? Are you excited that Kate will be back? Let us know in the comments below.

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