From Dusk till Dawn Season 2×10 Finale ‘Santa Sangre’ Recap


By Jes Vu

It’s finally that time, Ramblers! The epic conclusion to From Dusk Till Dawn season 2 is finally here, and it was everything I wanted and more. Because it’s the finale, I’m changing it up and splitting the recap and review into two parts. If you want to fast forward to the review portion, direct yourself here. Otherwise, read on to recap the finale experience.

The Prophecy

After being buried alive, Freddie wakes up in an unknown location and approached by Lorena (played with exuberating badassery and charisma by Emily Rios), a servant to one of the Nine Lord (and a female Lord, as she corrects Freddie.) She criticizes him over his failed actions as a Peacekeeper—two lords are dead and Carlos threatens the balance of the world order in his attempts to bring culebras out of the shadows. Lorena tells Freddie he must maintain the prophecy and place Richie on Malvado’s former throne. Her lord cannot get involved as they must follow the prophecy. He’s reluctant, but she convinces him he was born to do it.

There’s no such thing as sweet goodbyes

After Kate was shot by Carlos, Scott and Richie run to her side. Scott can’t turn Kate into a culebra because for the first time, he’s respecting her choice of not wanting to be turned. Richie pressures Scott to do it, however Kate stops Scott. After a whole season enduring so much, Kate is completely broken. In any other death, Kate, Richie and Scott would have had a tragic sweet goodbye, but the From Dusk Till Dawn writers are downright cruel human beings. Instead, Kate criticizes Scott and pushes him away—she gave him all her love for nothing. She also calls Richie on his greed for power, and in her dying breath tells Richie to burn in Hell.

Ouch. The writer’ didn’t just rip my heart out—they stomped on it and ripped it to a million pieces.

Kate’s death leaves both Richie and Scott heartbroken and angry. Richie stops Scott from attacking Carlos before threatening to blow up the truck with the Santa Sangre. However, Carlos points out that he’ll need it for the hungry culebras at Jacknife Jed’s. Outnumbered, they give in. Sex Machine is assigned to take Richie, however in that moment, an eye appears in the palm of Richie’s hand (the same place where he was shot in last season’s first episode). Finally, his secret power is revealed (and it’s pretty freaking cool) as he presses his palm against Sex Machine’s head and mind-controls him to kill Carlos before he makes his getaway.

It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Santanico’s conflicted over her emotions after killing Malvado. From personal experience, Seth assures her that when it comes to revenge, the anger doesn’t go away.

Seth leaves, planning to get back at Greely for bailing and taking the money. Seth finds himself mysteriously able to identify all the culebras in the diner and stops one from feeding on a customer. He does have some morals after all. However, he finds himself quickly outnumbered. Seth turns to Santanico for help, however, she points out she killed Malvado so the culebras wouldn’t have to answer to anyone, including her. The culebras were instructed previously that Richie would be their new leader.

On cue, Richie arrives. Santanico and Seth confront him over his betrayal. Richie assures the culebras he’ll bring them food, but they must defeat Carlos. The trio move to Richie’s office as Richie tries to justify his actions. Richie assures his position is ordained, however, Seth points out he’s merely a mid-boss. Richie says the position is his nonetheless, and he must not lose it to Carlos. They both question why they should believe he’s not allied with Carlos. Richie proves it when he reveals that Carlos killed Kate. Seth is left in shock.

Richie updates them on everything, including Carlo’s plan to use the Santa Sangre to convert the culebras under his leadership. Seth is angry that Richie used Kate and inadvertently got her killed only for Richie to call him out over his heroin use with her. They’re interrupted by Freddie who confirms that Richie is right; they must stop Carlos.

Scott’s Choice

Scott silently mourns for his dead sister as Carlos assures it’s for the best in order for the younger culebra to be his own man. Scott defends that Kate was his sister only to be shut down when Carlos states he was adopted. After a moment, Scott, who is seemingly obedient now, asks Carlos to drive the Santa Sangre truck. Carlos lets him and it is surprising how he underestimates the younger culebra.

Still under Richie’s mind control, Sex Machine attempts to murder Carlos, but fails. Returning to his sense of self, Sex Machine refers to Carlos’ plan as “pedestrian” and bails. Scott looks at his sister’s body sadly before he leaves with the rest of the team.

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Carlos arrives, but the truck isn’t with him. In a genuine moment, Carlos promises to make Maia (Demi Lovato) his queen though Maia tells him she’s not one for crowns—There’s obvious history between the two and that Carlos was not monogamous with Santanico. Maia tells him if he succeeds, she might stay.

Santanico approaches Carlos while the Gecko brothers search for the truck.  Freddie looks over the culebras and civilians at Jacknife’s.

Carlos instructs Maia to stay in the car and that he’ll signal her to bring out the truck before he enters a showdown with his culebra-creator. Carlos and Santanico transform, catching the attentions of the civilians inside.

As they search for the truck, Seth asks why Richie wants Malvado’s position, and Richie admits he wants to be his own man that was separate from his brother. They soon locate the truck. Richie and Seth lure and ambush one of the culebras. Scott, seeing the brothers, starts driving while Carlos realizes that Santanico was a distraction and signals Maia.

Seth chases the truck as Richie mind-controls the culebra to stake himself. Scott drives the truck toward Carlos and Santanico with no thought of stopping. Carlos and Santanico continue to fight before she throws him into the diner causing Maia to join the fight.

Seth, now on the truck, threatens Scott with a gun and tells him to stop. He tells Scott he does not owe Carlos anything, but Scott corrects him—he owes his sister. Realizing Scott’s intent, he jumps off the truck before Scott crashes the truck on its side. Blood spurts out from the truck. Carlos uses the opportunity to announce himself, offering the culebras to feed from the Santa Sangre and encourages them to slaughter the diner patrons. Reminiscent to the Titty Twister battle of last season, the band rocks out, as all Hell breaks loose.

Seth and Richie enter the showdown, working together to fight the culebras. Freddie retrieves the Macuahuitl Carlos dropped and joins in the fight. In the meanwhile, Santanico and Maia are in an altercation, which eventually ends with Maia being pierced by the motorcycle wreckage.

Inside, Carlos attempts to manipulate Seth, blaming Kate’s death on Richie. Still angered by her death, Seth shuts him down. Carlos gets the upper hand in their fight before Santanico and Richie arrive. The latter stakes Carlos, however, he doesn’t burn. Carlos reveals the new additions to his immortality were a reward for beating the Labyrinth.

With Freddie’s arrival, they agree to chop Carlos up and scatter his body parts. Richie and Seth cut off both Carlos’ arms. Maia is about to help before Carlos signals her to leave. In his last moments, Carlos tells him he made all of them who they are before telling them to do whatever they want and to “kiss my brown ass.” Seeing Scott approach him from behind, Carlos looks ahead as Scott decapitates his former boss to finally avenge his sister’s death.

Two Geckos are Better Than One

By morning, the rain washes away the remaining Santa Sangre as the civilians are escorted out of the diner. Seth instructs Santanico to tell Richie to scatter Carlo’s body parts far. However, in a surprising, but genuine one-on-one conversation, Santanico encourages Seth to help co-lead the culebras with Richie believing Richie needs his brother to survive. Seth questions why she didn’t destroy Malvado’s operation, but Santanico has learned that the culebras need a leader. She assures Seth can help the culebras remain in the shadows and if not for them, to do it for his brother.

Her words seem to have struck an accord. Seth interrupts Richie’s meeting and tells him he can’t do it alone. Richie assures he’ll be fine before Seth beats him up. Seth tells him they survive when they are together. Using the sunlight peeking from the window to his advantage, Seth forces Richie to tell the culebras that they are both leading this operation. Richie gives in before Seth looks back toward Freddie for approval. The ranger is satisfied and having completed his duty, he leaves to return to his family.

Eternity isn’t Forever

Later, Santanico is preparing to leave on her motorcycle. Richie tries to convince her she could be a part of his business, but Santanico tells him that she’s been a property of men for too long and it ends now. However, she assures him that “eternity isn’t forever.” Understanding, he tells her not to be a stranger before he watches her drive off.

Meanwhile, Seth arrives in his new office, but it’s clear he isn’t satisfied with his position.

Night of the Living Kate

Back at the emptied well of the Santa Sangre, wind blows the sheet off from Kate’s body. The remaining blood from the pump slithers its way into Kate’s open wound. She wakes up, her eyes bloodshot. Cut to black.

What a cliffhanger—and now we have to wait until next year to find out what happens. For my review of the finale, direct yourself over here.

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