Escape Room L.A. challenges you to free a ghost in The Theatre


Escape game attractions are extremely popular right now. If you’re not the type to go through the terrifying escape games, then Escape Game L.A. is the escape game for you. Their latest addition, The Theatre, is their easiest room to date. The Theatre transports you into the backstage of an old haunted theatre. Your mission is to solve the puzzles and free the ghost before you’re trapped in the theatre forever.

Escape Room L.A. rooms are by far some of the hardest rooms to escape from, and although The Theatre is their easiest room it’s still pretty difficult to escape from. My group was the 16th group to tackle The Theatre and only 33% (5 groups) of those have actually escaped.

Our group of 12 had an eclectic set of problem solvers, and you may get anxious with the way that the room starts, but that’s as scary as the room gets. Once the lights turn on, it’s go time. We breezed through the first set of puzzles right away, but don’t let the easy puzzles fool you; this is still an Escape Room L.A. room after all. There are still several puzzles where you’ll have to think outside the box and read in-between the lines in order to solve it. And just when you think you’ve escaped the room, comes the sudden realization that you just opened another room and have more puzzles to figure out.

The Theatre is different from other escape rooms that are out there right now. It’s not quite your typical Escape Room L.A. room, but you can’t compare it with other rooms either. It’s elegant in the way that it takes the horror elements of a ghost story and implements it into the room without trying to frighten you. It’s like the Crimson Peak of escape rooms.

Although we didn’t escape The Theatre, it still felt good coming this close to finishing an Escape Room L.A. room. Their rule of never allowing guests to get a second chance at the room only increase the bragging rights of those who actually make it out.

The Theatre will have up to 12 people will be in the room at one time. If you purchase fewer than the maximum number of tickets, then be prepared to play with other people. You’ll have up to one hour to attempt to escape from the room. After that, they’ll go through an explanation of how to solve all of the puzzles inside the room. So plan on spending a total of about 90 minutes from start to finish.

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