Don Bluth launches Kickstarter for Dragon’s Lair movie

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We’ve featured a lot of famous animators on this site that have done some amazing work, but none more so prominently than legendary animator Don Bluth. Don’t know who he is? Check out this clip from his film “Secret of NIMH” and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about him.

Jump ahead one year later to 1983 to the release of one of the most difficult arcade games of all time, Dragon’s Lair

dragons lair 1

And then remember the literal thousands of times you died trying to beat it.

And now 32 years later Don Bluth is making his return with a Kickstarter to fund a film based on the same game.

Like a lot of other famous content creators, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have decided to take their proposal to Kickstarter:

“Dodging promises of faulty finance approaches from various wannabes, and avoiding giving away ownership, we are considering what so many colleagues and fans have challenged us to do. So, after so many of you have screamed to us – ‘Go to Kickstarter and get this dream off the shelf!'”

Not to mention that the perks ain’t bad either, including a MasterClass on Animation taught by the man himself for $5,000 which isn’t bad considering that’s the cost of supplies for a single class in art college.

So if you’re a fan of Don Bluth’s previous works:

don bluth resume

Or if you’re just a fan of hand-drawn animation, check out the Kickstarter page and give him some money so they can make the movie a reality!

Source: Kickstarter

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