The Tower of Terror ride is getting a spooky film adaption

Tower of Terror // Disney Ride

We’re all quite familiar with Disney’s attempt to remake every possible cartoon into a real-life film. Hell, I feel as if that’s all I’ve been writing about lately. Part of me is happy about it, part of me doesn’t even know how to comprehend all of this news at once. So what do I do about it, you ask? Naturally, I write about it. Yes – that’s right. Disney has announced yet another film it’s adding to its popular remake list. Seeing as it own practically everything these days, Tower of Terror is going to be on the list as of now.

Obviously Tower of Terror is already a very popular ride at the parks, but that wasn’t enough, ladies and gentleman! Hey – I’m not complaining, it sounds like a pretty good idea.

Tower of Terror // Disney Ride

Unfortunately, no one really knows anything about it yet. It’s supposed to be scary, and John August (known for Big Fish) was the one who decided to bring this entire idea to life. I’m assuming they’re going to be following the obvious premise of the original story. Elevator, fancy hotel, guests get lost, guests die. How they’re going to adapt that into an entire film? Beats me. But I won’t lie to you, it sounds like something I’ll be excited about once we figure out more of the spooky details. And if you’re curious as to if the new addition will be anything like The Twilight Zone franchise? Allow me to inform you that they will have no connection whatsoever.

Most people are just stuck on what the film will be rated. Super scary movie, or Hocus Pocus level? I’ll put my vote towards the more kid-friendly option, since it is Disney we’re dealing with here. Personal preference, however, I really wish they would take it to a new level and make it a really well-done horror film. One can wish!

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