Starcraft 2 eSport matches fixed in Korea, players to be banned for life


Whenever there is big money involved, you can bet that some shady people are going to try to steal it. That’s the case with the recent StarCraft eSports. According to Team Liquid, a community site focused on StarCraft, a dozen people were arrested by the Chagwon Regional Prosecutor’s office due to fixing a bunch of StarCraft 2 matches earlier this year.

Of the 12 arrested, only three were players or coaches, and they are to be banned forever. The Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) has plans to ban Prime head coach Gerrard (Park Wae-Sik), and Prime players YoDa (Choi Byeong-Heon) and BBoongBBoong (Choi Jong-Hyuk)

“Since 2010, the association has worked alongside the rest of the industry to fight against the illegal betting that has continued to threaten the foundation of eSports,” KeSPA director Cho Man Soo said. “It is extremely regrettable that a related incident has occurred again, and we apologize to all of the fans who have shown eSports their love and support.”

Two financial backers who are connected to organized crime have been arrested, along with individual brokers who reached out to the players and coaches to represent the backers, according to authorities. One backer made around $37,000 from betting via illegal websites, thanks to the five matches that they fixed. YoDa made around $26,500 for throwing two matches, and he fixed two more matches for free because of blackmail.

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