Destiny: Has ‘The Taken King’ really fixed everything?

destiny taken king

It’s been a month and three days since Destiny‘s first major expansion, The Taken King, was put into the hands of anxious junkies across the world, willing to offer up their firstborn for a few exotic engrams and some weapon parts. We’ve experienced some major changes to the menus and numbers in Destiny. Your light level is now separate to “Player Level,” creating the questionable necessity for a player level at all. Pistols and shotguns got nerfed, auto-rifles still suck, and we’re back to grinding out factions with new vendors for items which they already possess but just don’t believe we “deserve” yet. You figure after saving the world four times now, we’d be acknowledged better.

Guardians, I’m currently sitting back at the point after The Dark Below, where I can’t increase my level without items from the raid. Currently, I have a 309 Warlock, 303 Hunter, and 302 Titan, and it’s not a fun place to be due to the design of RNG (random number generator). Still, it’s a core concept of Destiny that sometimes you win, and most of the time you get a 290 The Last Word (exotic hand cannon).

The Taken King has indeed brought a ton of positive changes such as:

  • Vault Space
  • New Content
  • New Items
  • Simpler upgrades
  • New Subclasses (Questionably positive, looking at you, Sunbreakers)
  • and a few more things including an awesome raid.

Even though Destiny still lacks in the essence of story-based content, it does now have more dailies to keep us from running around cliffs trying to glitch through every wall with our sparrows until the Nightfall reset. I will say that for Guardians who are strict fans of PVE, this expansion was ideal in delivering interesting, somewhat un-cheesable content. For those who were looking to see something past a game of shotgun tag in the Crucible, you’ll be left heavily disappointed.

PVP has never been less rewarding or tedious in Destiny. After mass reports of Iron Banner reward drop increases being astonishingly underwhelming (most who ranked up to 5 didn’t receive much more than a class armor piece) for the time investment involved. What feels like has been the core issue all along, the fact that Destiny‘s PVP reward system is simply still terrible. While my group of 6 can run the raid within 40-45 minutes and come back with 3-4 legendary items each, in addition to mats and tons of other random engrams, a dominant PVP group wouldn’t receive anywhere close to those rewards for hours spent in The Iron Banner.

This, in addition to the terrible PVP balance of the Titan’s Sunbreaker subclass and unlimited super glitches with hunters, has made TTK’s first PVP event an undesirable commitment of time. All of that, as well as Bungie being unable to provide private matchmaking, are what keep the title from achieving real competitive play.

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