Vin Diesel teases plan for Black Bolt and the Inhumans (again)


If the rumors are true that Marvel Studios is cancelling the Inhumans movie, then they failed to tell Vin Diesel that. Although most Marvel actors are very tight-lipped about their role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vin Diesel is as open as they come. During his press tour for The Last Witch Hunter, IGN asked Vin Diesel how he would play Black Bolt in the Inhumans. After a bunch of gestures, Vin Diesel said, “basically, if I said one word I would level all of London.”

When IGN asked if Diesel wanted to play more Marvel characters beyond providing the voice of Groot, Diesel said: “Put it this way, when Kevin Feige started talking to me about it. It was something that was kind of genius about [it]. Who would ever think, you know? A voice for one thing, a presence for the other would be pretty genius.” Diesel continued, “Whenever my father sends me an email he says, ‘stay human’ and it’s cool, it’s beautiful. But what is he really trying to say? Is he trying to say I’ve been affected by Terrigen mists? Does he want to cocoon me again? I don’t know.”

It’s well-known that Vin Diesel is a humongous nerd in real life. So it’s unclear whether Diesel knew about Inhuman lore beforehand or he knew about it because of his talks with Marvel. Either way since Vin Diesel is the voice of Groot, it is smart of Feige to use his presence for Black Bolt instead. You get the best of both worlds there.

You can check out the original video below:

Inhumans invade theaters on July 12, 2019.

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