Simon Belmont statue from First 4 Figures: Whip it good


While I only own one First 4 Figure Statue, I’ve been really impressed by so many of their recent and upcoming releases that focus around so many great game series that just don’t get all the attention they deserve. F4F newest pre-order is the hero of the first two Castlevania games, Simon Belmont, who is wielding the iconic Vampire Killer whip which has appeared throughout the Castlevania series wielded by the Belmont Clan.

The statue is made of polystone and is 20 inches tall, and the pose may look familiar as it is modeled after the box art of the first Castlevania game.

“Here we’ve recreated the famous scene from the NES game boxart, with Simon cracking the Vampire Killer whip at the foot of Dracula’s Castle,” says First 4 Figures.


The statue is available for pre-order retailing for $399.99 and is limited to 750 units. Like many other F4F statues, there is also an Exclusive version available, with one Short Chain and Boomerang Cross that can be swapped out in Simon’s hands, and it will retail for $439.99 and is limited to only 299 pieces.

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