Hulk smash Asgard? Hulk smash Asgard!


That’s right! Marvel Studios are finalizing their deal with Mark Ruffalo to star in the next Thor movie entitled Thor: Ragnarok. We’ve only seen the Hulk appear in the Avengers installments, however, it looks like he’s now going to be in Asgard smashing everything up alongside Thor himself. This upcoming title will be directed by New Zealand director, Taika Waititi, which will be released November 3rd, 2017. So we won’t be seeing our lovely green eyed monster in any other Marvel movie for another 2 years.

As awesome as this news is, many die-hard fans of the Incredible Hulk want him in his own standalone movie. However, due to rights issues with Universal Pictures, a solo Hulk movie might not be something Marvel Studios is eyeing. Whatever the case may be, Hulk is now going to be punching the crap out of ice giants, rock giants, trolls, and many other fantasy-based monsters in Asgard. I hope at some point he actually lifts Mjolnir out of pure anger and strength to toss at the baddies that they will encounter during Thor: Ragnarok. Always remember, no matter if it’s an earthen villain, or cosmic villain, Hulk will always be the…


Source: Deadline

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